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1st AQA Workshop 2018-2019

posted 23 Feb 2019, 03:25 by IT ADMIN2 ADMIN   [ updated 9 Oct 2019, 01:45 by Academic Quality Assurance Office ]

Today the Saturday 23rd of Feb between 12:00 to 13:00, the AQA at BNU hold its first workshop to explain and train the academic staff on three tools that are important for the academic community. These tools will enable our lecturer to become more visible and save time in their day to day work, tools such as
  • Google Scholar Account to keep records of academic publications
  • ORCID Account to allow correct indexing visibility online
  • Google Hangouts Account to allow for easy communication between our academic staff
In total 12 teachers were participating and a good session was conducted.

The AQA Office Activated

posted 23 Feb 2019, 03:01 by IT ADMIN2 ADMIN

Bayan University (BNU) values the quality assurance process introduced by the Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). Therefore BNU has allocated and dedicated an office to foresee and implement the process by increasing the awareness as well as providing training and development of its academic. Mr Ali Faiek Alhayaly is BNU QA officer and he will run this office. The office of AQA is located at BNU main building second floor. 

Please contact the Academic Quality Assurance AQA office by visiting the office or drop an email 

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