BNU Course Book

Successful courses require careful planning and continual revision. Often helps to consult with colleagues who have taught the same or similar courses to learn from their strategies and their general impressions of the students who typically take the course. If you are team-teaching, you and your teaching partner(s) should begin meeting at least three months in advance to discuss course goals, teaching philosophies, course content, teaching methods, and course policies, as well as specific responsibilities for each instructor.

Determining the goals for the course will clarify what you want the students to learn and accomplish. Having these course goals in mind will then help you make decisions about which content to include, which teaching methods to use, and what kinds of assignments and exams are appropriate. As BNU stepping towards a student leaning centre strategy and the regional policy is directing towards implementing Bologna Process it is wise to lead a useful introduction to curriculum planning that begins with defining goals for student learning, rather than with course content.

AT BNU When you are Lecturer, Teacher or Course Module Leader preparing your Coursebook based on the submission below you will need to consider a learning outcome based curriculum deign that put the student learning first, please read carefully guidelines provided at: