In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), each institution of higher education is responsible for ensuring the quality and standards of its provision, that students are achieving appropriate standards and that good quality education is being offered.

The Ministry of Higher Education (MHE) of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Quality Assurance Road Map for Higher Education was introduced in 2011 and it is used to assure the standards and quality of KRI higher education and is kept up to date by the MHE Executive office of Quality Assurance for Higher Education. It is used by KRI higher education providers to ensure they are achieving the outcomes expected of them. It presents a series of reference points to help providers offer their students a high-quality experience.

In Bayan University (BNU) the office of Academic Quality Assurance (AQA) is responsible for ensuring the quality and standards of the services provided to students. The AQA office is following Higher Education codes provided by MHE and make sure BNU is up to date with its Quality Assurance provisions.

It is important to know that BNU has the primary responsibility for ensuring that appropriate standards are being achieved and offer a good quality education.

The Office of AQA provides courses and staff training to make sure academic staff, as well as students, are making sense of the rules of QA engagements. The office is located in the main building and available 24/7 via email communication and information provided at this electronic portal.

Please contact AQA Office via:

Mr Ali Fayik the AQA Officer at BNU